Reid Carazzone, PhD

Reid is President and CEO of Top Grain Technologies. Extensive exposure to additive manufacturing (AM) during his thesis work convinced Reid of AM’s potential to change manufacturing for the better. His decade of experience implementing new technology with a small engineering firm in Houston inspired him to launch Top Grain to enable new breakthroughs for AM. Reid holds a BS in chemistry and a PhD in materials science and nanoengineering, both from Rice University.

Zack Cordero, PhD

Zack is Chief Scientist of Top Grain Technologies. He is the Boeing Assistant Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics at MIT, and an expert in powder-bed metal additive manufacturing technologies. His research program at MIT integrates his expertise in processing science, mechanics, and design to develop novel materials and structures for emerging aerospace applications. Zack invented the Top Grain heat treatment in 2022 and seeks to bring its value to industry to help lower barriers to the use of AM materials in turbomachinery. Zack holds an SB in physics and a PhD in materials science and engineering, both from MIT.